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GIVE YOUR Pre-teen and teen athletes THE ULTIMATE ADVANTAGE!

There are few times in life when we can unlock an unprecedented level of athleticism and improve the ability to perform in competition.


Our summer strength and conditioning program for teens is a foundational program for young athletes that will give each participant new levels of strength, power, speed, and capacity.

It's the foundation we build during this phase that allows teen athletes to perform at even higher levels as they physically mature and reach higher levels of sports competition.



Receive world-class coaching designed to optimze performance gains and reach your teen athlete's goals.

expert instruction

Master all of the movements that form the foundation of athletic success from a battle-tested coach.

Experience success

All  of our athletes experience the thrill of improvement inside and outside of the weight room!

Picture of Braden Smith.
"As an athlete that had trained frequently, Dennis really helped me round out and grow multiple aspects of my performance capabilities (strength, mobility, stability, endurance for conditioning, and POWER!). It also created a competitive and mental toughness component that when others began to slow down, I was still going strong! This was evident in the first month of practices and conditioning at Auburn."

Braden Smith

-Auburn University Football

-Indianapolis Colts Offensive LIneman

How do you get started?

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