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athletic training plus

Restore/Thrive bridges the gaps between injury, rehab, and strength and conditioning with our Athletic Training Plus (AT+) service. Supervised by the highly skilled and experienced licensed Athletic Trainer, Dennis Dolan, AT+ consultations and training visits will help shine a light on your limiting factors in the gym or on the field or court, and help you move with confidence as you make the transition from PT back to training and the active lifestyle you want to pursue.

Attack and destroy your limiting factors: AT+ Consultations

During Athletic Training Plus Consultations, Dennis will analyze your current lifestyle and training habits, as well as perform a detailed movement analysis. This analysis will help establish an individualized and completely customized plan of action to improve your movement competency in the gym and your performance outside of it. 

Is Athletic Training Plus right for me?

• Done with rehab but still don't feel comfortable lifting weights?

• Get tired of people telling you that you will never run, jump, or squat again?
• Struggle to make the strength gains with the simplest movements?
• Have an old injury that keeps you from training the way you used to?
• Feel frustrated because you have mashed, flossed, and distracted everywhere and still haven’t made the change you want?
• Get tired of your hands going numb when you overhead squat?
• Sit at home after surgery not knowing what you can do?

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