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Physical Therapy

Restore/Thrive specializes in rehab for active individuals and athletes of every level who are recovering from an injury or with unique orthopedic needs...

Picture of physical therapist working with client.

Athletic Training Plus

Work with our licensed athletic trainer on-site in your home or commercial gym. Get one-on-one coaching and bridge the gap from injury to getting back in the gym or on the field!

Picture of Athletic Trainer working with client.

Remote Coaching

Get individual attention with a personal trainer in your pocket! Through the App "Train Heroic", you will receive a customized workout plan along with the accountability that comes with a personal trainer!

Picture of web-based application.

Movement & Mobility Coaching

Restore/Thrive is a leader in world-class coaching and strength and conditioning. We are also one of the world’s foremost thought leaders on resolving and preventing movement dysfunction and injury. Dr. Tim Cummings, DPT and Dr. Jessica Cummings, DPT, the founders of Restore/Thrive, apply a revolutionary human performance model that uniquely combines a movement-first approach and an athlete-centric bias to achieve superior athletic and functional outcomes....

Picture of physical therapist working with client.

Vitality Pro Age Assessment

What is the purpose of our Vitality Age Assessment? The pursuit of premium health, like many of life’s endeavors, can appear daunting and insurmountable if pursued alone. Teaming up with a knowledgeable and experienced partner can make it safer, achievable, and fun.

Picture of physical therapist working with a client.
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