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Movement & Mobility coaching

Restore/Thrive is a leader in world-class coaching and strength and conditioning. We are also one of the world’s foremost thought leaders on resolving and preventing movement dysfunction and injury. Dr. Tim Cummings, DPT and Dr. Jessica Cummings, DPT, the founders of Restore/Thrive, apply a revolutionary human performance model that uniquely combines a movement-first approach and an athlete-centric bias to achieve superior athletic and functional outcomes. Our athletes recover more quickly, resolve old injuries, enjoy greater fitness, and are empowered to manage and avoid future orthopedic injury and dysfunction.

Making the Invisible Visible – Movement & Mobility Consultations

Restore/Thrive offers in-person Movement & Mobility Consultations. Our in-person consultations take place in our gym. During these evaluations, our experienced staff will focus on your current performance limitations through a detailed live movement analysis. This analysis will help establish a comprehensive plan of action to improve both motor patterning as well as mobility restrictions

Is a Movement & Mobility Consult Right for me? Do you…

• Cringe when your coach writes up that one movement you struggle to nail down?
• Struggle to make the strength gains with the simplest movements?
• Have an injury that you can’t figure out why or how to deal with it?
• Feel frustrated because you have mashed, flossed, and distracted everywhere and still haven’t made the change you want?
• Get tired of your hands going numb when you overhead squat?
• Sit at home after surgery not knowing what you can do?
• Get tired of people telling you that you will never run, jump, or squat again?

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