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Vitality Age Assessment

What is the purpose of our Vitality Age Assessment? The pursuit of premium health, like many of life’s endeavors, can appear daunting and insurmountable if pursued alone. Teaming up with a knowledgeable and experienced partner can make it safer, achievable, and fun.

An Innovative Physical Exam:

Vitality Age Assessment is an innovative physical exam which is dynamic and functional unlike the more static traditional medical examination. Much like the well-known cardiac stress test (GXT) reveals more information than the doctor listening to your heart, the Vitality Age Evaluation can reveal to you, your trainer and doctor much needed information.

Your Vitality Age:

The additional value of this evaluation is that it provides data in multiple categories of: cardiovascular, pulmonary, mobility, muscle fitness and body composition. As the client is guided through this interactive examination, results are scientifically calculated into the client’s health/physiologic age. We term this: “Vitality Age”. Vitality Ages range from 20 (best) to 80 (worst). The difference of one’s chronological age vs the vitality age is the key. If the vitality age is older than the chronological age, the client is prematurely aging. Vitality Age results can be used to: prompt medical testing, diagnosis and treatment; start lifestyle modifications such as a better diet and smoking cessation; and guide more focused training, such as pulmonary training. Repeat testing in 6-12 months should reveal improvement by a younger vitality age thus adding vitality years to the clients life via the above measures. This assessment offers valuable unprecedented information to both elite athletes and/or patients with multiple medical conditions.

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