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the Healthy Kanas City Podcast, Episode 40

Season 2, Episode 40 of The Healthy Kansas City Podcast is here!

We’re joined this episode by Dan Zimmerman, creator of Power Racing

Dr. Tim interviews Dan Zimmerman, the founder, and CEO of Power Racing Fitness. On April 24th, the first Power Race 5k was held at Heritage Park in Olathe, Kansas.

What's a Power Race 5k you ask? You'll learn all about the challenge of this race, how it was developed, and more in this episode. Dan makes a compelling case that you should have a broad standard for your fitness and that competition and goal setting are the keys to growth and longevity when it comes to your health.

Want to find out more about Power Racing?

Here's the link to the episode. If you love the pod, make sure to subscribe and you Apple Podcast listeners can leave a 5-Star Review!

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