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The Healthy Kansas City Podcast, Episode 25

The first podcast of 2021 is here. We sit down with Dr. Adam Boender, DC of Regenerative Treatment Centers of Leawood.

Dr. Boender is prominent in Kansas City’s health and wellness community and is a pioneer in the progression of Regenerative medicine. He is a former college athlete turned personal trainer, who has always had a passion to bring health and life to those around him. Dr. Adam is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer for Regenerative Treatment Centers of Leawood. He is known as one of Kansas City's leading authorities when it comes to Regenerative Medicine. Before entering the Regenerative Medicine field full-time, Dr. Adam was co-owner of a successful multidisciplinary health and wellness facility in Leawood, KS.

Dr. Boender spends his time working as a patient advocate in the office ensuring patients have the BEST experience possible, as well as educating the local community on the wonders of Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Boender also advises physicians across the country on how to implement regenerative therapies into their clinics. Dr. Boender has been featured as the co-host on one of KC's fastest growing Health & Wellness radio show on KMBZ, as a published author in magazines, and was showcased on Action 41 news here in Kansas City to speak on the topic of Regenerative Medicine.

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