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Meet Dennis Dolan

We sit down to talk with Restore/Thrive's newest team member.

Restore/Thrive is excited to announce the addition of our friend and colleague, Dennis Dolan, ATC, LAT, MSE! Dennis is the face of our new Athletic Training Plus mobile on-site service for new, current, and former clients.

Dennis has spent the last 20 years refining his craft as an Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach at well-known and respected locations around the metro including Rockhurst High School, Shawnee Mission Medical Center, and the Olathe Medical System. In addition to his local work, he has also worked with soccer athletes in the Professional Developmental League and worked as a consultant for Power Athlete.

We sat down with Dennis recently to dig a little deeper and find out what makes him tick. By the end of the Q&A, we think you'll understand why we're excited to have him on our team!


Restore/Thrive: Why did you become an athletic trainer?

Dennis Dolan (DD): I became an ATC after having an amazing experience as a student athletic trainer in high school. Going into my junior year of high school, I was not physically able to continue playing football for my team; I was just too small regardless of my efforts. When I approached the head football coach he could not have been cooler about it and gave me some options when I told him I still wanted to be involved. He arranged for me to attend an Athletic Training camp at the University of Missouri. I was hooked.

R/T: What do you do to keep in shape?

DD: I follow Power Athlete programming. Bedrock primarily and Johnny WOD depending on my consistency.

DD getting some training in at the OG Power Athlete Headquarters

R/T: What do you do to have fun?

DD:  I love standing sideways and carving turns, be it on the concrete, snow, or water. The last few years I have really fallen in love with the One Wheel, and how much it combines all of my boardsport loves into one ride that I can enjoy daily. I love playing any number of sports and games and am always down for fun physical experiences. So far, the Dolan Boys (JP, 12, and Jack, 9) are all in with my hobbies, but I also want them to have the opportunity to express themselves with their bodies in any way they want. In our house, we push sportsmanship and max effort in participation, over competition.

R/T: What is your favorite exercise?

DD: My favorite exercise is the one that is going to give me max return when attacking limiting factors. I can always find a way to make something difficult enough to "stress to progress". 

R/T: What is your favorite food?

DD: In no particular order-tacos and margs, burgers, and a steak dinner.

R/T: Who is your favorite superhero and why?

PC: This is near and dear to my heart and I'm sure I put far too much thought into this. Winter Soldier. The troubled hero. The humble and reluctant warrior, taking on any challenge to do what is needed, trying to right the exploits and mistakes of his past. I am also a huge fan of Doctor Doom. The brilliant combination of science and magic, the backstory, the willingness to constantly step into the fray, the ability to work with whoever (friend or foe) in order to further his cause. So fun, thank you for indulging me.


Now that you've gotten a picture of Dennis Dolan the ATC, the athlete, the Dad, and the superhero aficionado, you can find out more about our Athletic Training Plus services and schedule an assessment with Dennis at your home gym, whether it's a commercial gym or the actual gym in your home by clicking this button below!

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