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The Healthy Kansas City Podcast Episode 10

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Episode #10 of the Healthy Kansas City Podcast is here!

If you think good vision is just seeing the "E on the eye chart clearly, you need to listen to this episode. Dr. Metzger is a functional optometrist who works in the special areas of developmental optometry, vision therapy, low vision rehabilitation, and neuro-optometry. He works with children and adults whose vision restricts reading, learning, work tasks, hobbies, driving, and enjoying daily life. After three years of teaching high school science and biology, Dr. Metzger went back to school and attended the University of Houston College of Optometry. He set up his first practice in general care optometry in Hiawatha, Kansas beginning in 1977. Fifteen years ago, he integrated developmental optometry into his practice. Low vision rehabilitation and neuro-optometry were incorporated within the last eight years. Give us a listen, subscribe, and feel free to leave us a 5-Star review (for you iTunes listeners out there) so other folks can find our show! Anchor: Spotify: iTunes: SHOW NOTES:Website: Facebook:

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