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The Healthy Kansas City Podcast Episode #2

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Dr. Carrisa Stanton-Pediatrics the Right Way

Dr. Carissa Staton of Mindful Pediatrics talks to Dr. Tim and Dr. Jess about the very real grassroots movement that's happening in the primary healthcare market.

If you think you're tired of waiting around for 30 minutes in the doctor's office waiting room, and another 30 minutes in the exam room, and then getting only 5 minutes to talk to your doctor, guess what? Your doctor is sick of it, too!

Tune in and get the scoop on how superstars like Dr. Stanton are bringing the power back to the people to make better decisions for their families that result in better long term outcomes, not just quick fixes that don't last.

Give us a listen, subscribe, and feel free to leave us a 5-Star review (for you iTunes listeners out there) so other folks can find our show!

Show Notes:

Dr. Stanton on the web:

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